The title spoke powerfully enough for the whole article. Yes, it’s another one of those “love” articles or blog entries, as modern journalists would call them. What is it about love that stirs everyone up? Is it the sensation of being in its trap? Or is it the rush that you feel when you’re with the one you adore?

Well, for starters, I cannot say that I am entitled to make this entry. I mean, I’m not in a relationship right now, but I can pretty much say that I’m getting into that feeling of falling in love. So, how do you describe this overrated, yet plain notion? Sometimes, I get it from people that they deem love as something that’s very exciting. They transfer the attention from the feeling, acknowledging it at first, to the person - and that’s very healthy, I think, for a relationship. At least, you get to acknowledge the feeling, savor its sensation, and at the same time, give the proper attention to the person you love. I mean, if this is not the best, I don’t know what is.

Some people, however, perceive love as something temporary, something tangible, something that you feel when you are given something you can hold or touch. They have this notion that when you love a person, you should materially satisfy him/her the best way you can. And sometimes, material satisfaction can also mean the satisfaction of being able to release the tensions arising from the inner walls of your body- although this can come in context of love itself. Some people will just shower you with what I’d like to call “Material Love” just to prove that he or she is really into you or he or she really loves you. For me, it’s okay, as long as the feeling is at least as strong. Now, as for you, you don’t accept things because it signifies love, you accept them because IT FEELS LIKE IT HAS LOVE WRAPPED IN IT, and when you open it, you don’t see some ring, necklace, or bracelet - you see the person and how he or she had put effort in giving you that gift. You see the LOVE - not the PRICE, not the GLITZ, not the GLAM, but the LOVE.

Being in love is like being in a trance. You tend to get lost in moments and you don’t seem to have control of them. You get engulfed in a series of scenarios where you picture yourself with the person you love in a number of situations. Sounds cheesy? Yes it is, but don’t get too excited about the idea. In being in love, you should learn how to balance and buffer the feeling with something else, and make sure that the other party WILL know soon. For me, the best way to buffer this feeling of entrancement is to internalize. It kinda gets everything together if things get messy because, trust me, being in love is not really a bed of roses, but it’s not a bed of nails, either. You just have to learn how to weigh your odds and see where you really stand.

There are a lot of rooms for virtues in Love. There are rooms for perseverance, trust, patience, kindness, and respect. But remember that it’s not always easy, as there’s also room for hurt, misery, and rejection. You cannot deny that these can be present in love, because these can make us stronger persons in the future. All we have to do is to handle each attribute carefully and properly.

We may not always find the perfect equation for the perfect relationship, or we may not always find the perfect way to please the ones we care about, but we must remember to have a steady heart, a fervent soul, and an open mind in order to successfully traverse the road that we call LOVE. :)