Sunday, 25 December 2011

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!

Christmas will always be the most important feast day of the year. It marks the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ - whom we refer to as the "reason for the season". We always hear our parish priests during our Christmas Masses say that we should focus more on the thought of Christmas rather than the superficiality of it - but are we really digging deep in doing so?

See, we have been so engrossed with making Christmas the most grandiose occasion of our year. I noticed, that when September starts, sales would usually be announced here and there, and bargains would pile up almost every mall store. People rushing here and there just to look for gifts for their loved ones, seeking for the best they can find. Mothers rushing to the grocery stores to get their needs for the much awaited holiday feasts.

As much as possible, we would like our Christmases to be beautiful, grand, and abundant. It's not a sin for us to want it to be that way for our families, but please, let us not be obsessed with such ideas. Remember that the season is not about such - it is about more! If you would just stop and consider the simpler pleasures of the season, you will find that it is more rewarding because it is in being simple that we become one in celebrating with Mary, Joseph, and the infant Jesus as they celebrate the first Christmas in the most simple way.

Just try and stop - breathe the cool Christmas air, feel it rush into your hair, face, and body; give time to look at the starry Christmas night, wonder at its beauty - as it take you back to the time when the Christmas was celebrated. Listen to Christmas songs - savor their meanings and indulge in the happiness of their tunes. Sit, stare, feel, and share. The true meaning of Christmas lies in the simplest of things, not in how we make things extravagant. One thing more - sharing. We share because we mean it, not because we need to. We give because it comes loosely from our hearts, we do not give with heavy ones. It is in sharing that we complete the spirit of Christmas because with Simplicity, it becomes in triad with Love, and this triumvirate can make you feel the most Merry Christmas ever.

The first Christmas was celebrated like this:
I think what is important is that we become aware of the more important things about the season - that we are celebrating it with the people we love the most, that we have celebrated it well, and that we have offered it to our birthday boy. :)

Christmas should not always focus about the gifts, feasts, or anything superficial. It should focus on that on child who was born in a manger one night, with nothing but his family with him. He is our Messiah. That should be enough for us to feel the most expensive, merry, and happy Christmas ever! :)

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